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A Brief Discussion on the 3 Best SEO Practices

Know that your website is not reaching even a tiny segment of the population if you fail to appear on the foremost pages of Google for the target keywords.

According to several researches, about 80% of modern-day consumers never go past the content that gains the top rank, so you must rank between one and ten.

There is a wide range of strategies that you may implement, but if you are basics are wrong, you, unfortunately, are not going anywhere.

Mentioned below are a few practices that serve as the groundwork for your website and enhances its visibility to a great extent. Once the groundwork is done, you can focus on link building and advanced keyword analysis.

Fabricate Content as per Search Intent

Search intent, also known as user intent, could be defined as the purpose behind each search query. Comprehending and satisfying the search intent is the biggest priority of Google. The entrepreneurs have to fabricate content as per four search intents.

The first one is informational. The user is looking for particular information. It could be a simple query like ‘what will be the weather today?’ that provides results right away or a complicated one like ‘what are the best digital marketing techniques?’ that require an in-depth explanation.

The second one is navigational. The user is looking for a particular app or website like Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, SEMrush, etc.

The third one is commercial. The user is looking for a particular product but not arrived at a decision. He or she makes queries like ‘best DSLR cameras in the market,’ ‘best search engine tools,’ ‘best creams for acne-prone skin,’ and many more.

The fourth one is transactional, and here, the user is already ready to make a purchase; thus, the query is accurate. For example, ‘buy the Nikon d500’, ‘buy vegetables online,’ ‘buy MacBook Pro’, etc.

Write Visually Appealing Title and Meta Description

The SEO experts Cape Town said a title tag is a clickable headline that is immensely critical from a search engine perspective. Google usually displays the first 55 to 60 characters of the title, so, keeping the headline of your content within 60 characters is somewhat mandatory.

Meta description is a summary of the content that is displayed right below the title tag. It provides the consumers with an idea of what the article or blog is all about. Google usually truncates descriptions that are between 155 and 160 characters, so, keep the summary as concise as possible.

Optimize Images

When it comes to improving user experience, images have an incredibly important role to play. The best website owners spend a major portion of their day choosing appropriate images and enhancing the blog posts, product descriptions, and many more.

Now choosing the right image is not enough; you have to optimize them so that are compatible with your website and do not hamper its performance. Invest in either JPEG or PNG formats, compress the images; otherwise, they will take a lot of time to load, and provide alt text at the end for contributing to accessibility.

You must also work on-site speed, URL structure, and backlinks.

According to the experts offering services of SEO and ecommerce development Cape Town, implementing the practices stated above pave the way for high search rankings.

The competition for Google’s first page is intense, regardless of the industrial niche. Once the practices are in their place, please try to incorporate the latest trends and stay ahead of the curve.

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